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This Ocean Life Podcast. 130+ episodes. Weekly podcast series capturing the stories and perspectives of people around the world who have based their lives on the ocean. Fishing, free diving, art, music, surfing, paddling, spearfishing, conservation, sailing, anything in the ocean… Hosted by Josh Pederson, from Santa Cruz, California, USA.

April 14, 2020

Erin Carey — family sailing in the Caribbean, trans-Atlantic crossing, S/V ROAM

** Interview episode 115 **

Erin Carey and family set out to sail the world with zero previous experience at sea. With true grit, determination, and some luck her family of 5 enjoyed 18 months sailing the Caribbean aboard S/V ROAM and topped it off with an Atlantic crossing into the Azores. With moments of inspiration and perseverance to the incredibly sketchy and borderline dangerous, this is the story of Erin, her family, and sailing vessel ROAM. See more about Erin, S/V ROAM, and her company ROAM Generation.

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With the current state of plastic pollution, climate change, and COVID-19, I’d say it’s a perfect time for each of us to make a long-term change. Any change, in any way that reduces our footprint on the world leaving more possibility for future generations to enjoy the magic of the ocean. Moving to reusable silicon bags instead of plastic for your food storage is one, buying local and sustainable farmed seafood or produce is another, or skipping Starbucks a couple times a month and donating that money to a non-profit doing good for the world. The list of possibilities is long and I guarantee there is something in it for each of us. So get creative and get committed.


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