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This Ocean Life Podcast. 130+ episodes. Weekly podcast series capturing the stories and perspectives of people around the world who have based their lives on the ocean. Fishing, free diving, art, music, surfing, paddling, spearfishing, conservation, sailing, anything in the ocean… Hosted by Josh Pederson, from Santa Cruz, California, USA.

July 1, 2019

Molokai 2 Oahu Stories: Part 2 - Gerry Lopez, Josh Riccio, Alice Henley, Jenn Lee, Mike Dilloughery

In part 2 of this multi-part series with stories and perspectives on the world's gnarliest paddle board race, Molokai 2 Oahu (M2O). Five of my past guests and current legends in the water -- Gerry Lopez, Josh Riccio, Alice Henley, Jenn Lee, Mike Dilloughery -- all share their past experiences paddling in the Kaiwi Channel (The Channel of Bones) including seasickness, poor choice of lines, horrific sunburns, dealing with mental fatigue, logistical nightmares, and much more.

Gerry Lopez podcast stories from M2O is available here.

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