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January 13, 2020

Surf Expo Stories: Part 2 — More from North America’s largest watersports and beach culture retail show

Surf Expo Stories: Part 2

Here we go with Surf Expo Part 2. So many great stories from north america’s largest watersports and beach lifestyle show in the retail industry, I had to split it into 2 episodes to be sure I could do them all justice. If you didn’t listen to it already, check out part 1 if you need some background on the what, where, and how of Surf Expo. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy this set of stories and perspectives from this event that’s much more than a watersports retail show.

Surf Expo is North America’s largest watersports and beach lifestyle show in the retail industry. With hundreds of brands and thousands of retailers connecting to stock the stores that we all buy our gear from, Surf Expo is a key platform for the commercial side of many of our ocean lives. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the January 2020 show and speak with a wide range of brands on the significance of the event as well as chat with the management team who puts it all together each year. What I found within all of this was that Surf Expo is like a really fun eco-friendly festival that celebrates not just great, new products, but also art, non-profit groups, the craft of shaping surfboards, the skill of skating a mini ramp, and overall — a strong community of the ocean-minded.

 In this second part, we hear stories from:

  • DMC Fins
  • Huk Gear
  • K.C Scott, Artist
  • Dragon Eyewear
  • Victoria Skimboards
  • GoSili
  • Marko Foam Products
You can find fun stuff on the ThisOceanLife.TV websiteInstagram, and Facebook, and Twitter. Host: Josh Pederson, @surfpaddletailgate 

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